• age: 41
  • denver, colorado
  • hometown: burnsville, mn
  • height: 5’5”
  • off season weight: 145
  • competition weight: 132

professional certifications

  • b.a.s degree community health, minor degree coaching at umm
  • the american council on exercise, ace certified personal trainer
  • Core Power Yoga Certified Instructor, 10 Years
  • precision nutrition certified coach
  • ifbb pro women’s physique competitor
  • owner of inside out personal training

competition history

npc figure

  • 2007 npc colorado pro am figure overall champion
  • 2008 npc california state figure overall champion
  • 2008 junior nationals 9th place, figure d class
  • 2010 npc mile high figure overall champion
  • 2010 junior nationals figure d class winner, earned ifbb pro status

ifbb pro figure

  • 2010 ifbb jacksonville pro figure, 19th
  • 2010 ifbb dallas europa super show pro figure, 17th
  • 2011 ifbb st louis pro figure
  • 2011 ifbb shreveport pro figure, 7th
  • 2011 ifbb california pro figure, 6th

ifbb pro physique

  • 2012 ifbb st louis pro, women’s physique champ
  • 2012 ifbb sacramento pro, women’s physique 2nd
  • 2012 ifbb la grand prix women’s physique champ
  • 2013 ifbb mile high women’s physique champ
  • 2013 ifbb women’s physique olympia, 3rd

train with sara

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