So you want to compete in a fitness competition?

Here’s the thing…competing in a show can be one of the hardest, coolest and most life changing things you will ever do.
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Whether it be a bucket list type thing you have always wanted to do or you want to make this into your career. It will challenge you mentally and physically like you never thought possible.

It will require you to be your best self. And if coached properly, will forever change the way you feel about yourself in the most positive way. You truly will feel invincible. And this empowering feeling will trickly into all areas of your life.

You will do what many will only say they will do and you will feel incredibly badass!

The downfall is ridiculously low calorie diets without proper reverse dieting that leave you forever fucked up metabolically and negatively affect your body image.

The good news is I am a coach who is knowledgeable and cares. I am passionate about this sport and your precious body. I have a history of success, personally and professionally but most importantly I have coached many different body types to their best body ever!

And not for just one day…but for a lifetime.

I will walk with you through the entire process start to finish.

I am a picky bitch and you will thank me later for doing so.

Why? Because everything matters when you get on that stage. Your suit color, the way you walk, hitting your poses, your earrings, the hair, makeup and yes even your facial expressions. Trust me, you do not want to be THAT competitor that has a great body but looks like a deer in headlights. I will ensure you are ready and will be your BEST! It won’t be easy but it will be worth it

this program includes

  • Customized diet with weekly adjustments
  • Workout plan
  • Full supplement list
  • 12 weeks of coaching on everything…trust me I am practically a counselor
  • 4 week reverse diet
  • Hair, tanning, makeup guidance
  • Suit, presentation
  • Monthly Team Workouts
  • Posing Classes
  • Private FB page/Videos, /Member access
  • Final Consultation
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