Workouts and Nutrition


This 6 week program will give you the plan and accountability you have been searching for. This program includes effective workouts, nutrition guidance, and RESULTS.

"Sara is motivating in a no bullshit kind of way, she pushes your body but also challenges your mind to allow yourself to get to places you didn’t think possible!" -MM


You’ve tried all the fads, yet you still haven't reached your goal. You’re tired of falling off the wagon every few weeks and you're not even sure where to go to find a plan that LASTS.

You’re willing to put in the work, but you aren't sure where to find a plan that fits your busy life.

If you’re ready to get results and feel better than you ever have…

You are ready for my 6 week online program!  This BRAND NEW program will give you the tools you need to SEE RESULTS and overcome the things that have stopped you in the past. 

If you’re ready to start, I’m here to show you a way.  I’ll guide you through the steps to change your habits and create the lifestyle you love living.  I want you to achieve the goals you've set for yourself and give you the tools to build a foundation that lasts. 

If you've been struggling with:

  • Inconsistent training

  • Fads that never stick long term

  • Finding a plan that works for YOUR LIFE

  • Information Overload on every site you check

  • Stress, Mindset, and Setbacks

We’ll address all of it in my 6 Week INSIDE OUT Project! 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and put it into This 4 Week Online program.


"Even though I taught aerobics for 13 years and have been working out for over 40, I still learned so much my very first week. Sara has given me a new strategy to meet and then maintain my goals. So glad to be doing the challenge!" -KC


In the 4 Week INSIDE OUT Project you will get:

  • 4 weeks of workouts & accountability

  • Strength training workouts every week

  • Grocery list of approved foods

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Weekly Check ins with me!

  • A strong community of supportive women

You’ll learn the basics of functional movement so you can see more results in less time. You'll be given the REAL ANSWERS without all the B.S. every other person is throwing at you. You’ll learn how to strengthen your entire body and build confidence in your abilities.  You’ll learn a better way to fuel your body so you feel leaner and full of energy.  You'll learn how to stick with your new journey and make it work long term (no more 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off!)

To start this transformation, preregister for the next online bootcamp!

You already know how it feels to give up.  You already know how many things you've tried and failed. You know you're over it and just want to see results. It’s time to find out how it feels to be on the other side.  To have control of your health.  To feel confident and energetic.

I want to empower you to stay motivated and become your own coach. Let's get it done together!