Custom Training With Sara Hurrle

This is a not a quick fix, sit on the couch, take a pill, I want to eat shit food or not at all and get results kind of bullshit. These progams will require you to take action and do what you have always said you wanted to do but didn’t have the balls to do. Well now you do. But you have to be serious.


Not in the denver area

No problem! Sara offers online coaching.

This is a great program for those of you not living in Colorado but wanting the right amount of guidance, knoweledge and accountability to get you to your goals.

This program is great for people wanting to get to the next level but aren’t sure how to get there. You eat right and workout but still don’t have the body you want. Sometimes a few tweaks and weekly changes will break you out of your plateau and get your body moving in the direction you have always wanted.

One-on-one training

Eye to eye, step for step, personal consultation for tailored results.

I adore this program and as you can see, many have had incredible results in just 12 weeks. I have tweaked it over the years and feel it is just the right amount of knowledge, accountability, motivation and personal responsibility.

It includes a customized diet, personalized weight program, supplement list, weekly coaching, monthly team workouts and a final consulation. The most important and key element is the weekly coaching.

This allows us to create and adjust the program to get contiuned results and make it YOURS. Not some diet out of a magainze or one that your friend followed, but one that you can stick with long term, where you learn what to do and how to do it so you can maintain your weight and lifestyle far after the program has ended. to keep you reaching your goals even after our time together. I feel it provides just the right amount of guidance while empowering you to finally do this once and for all.

This program includes

  • Initial "Getting Started" Call with Sara
  • Full customized diet
  • Personalized Weight Program
  • Supplement List
  • 12 Weekly Coaching and adjustments
  • Monthly Team Workouts
  • Member access on the website including over 100 exercise videos,
  • Private Team Inside Out Community on FB and member site for support
  • Final Consultation (30 min)

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Investment: $849

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